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Daily Archives: 2016/12/25

Merry Christmas!

Today’s musical edition features some soulful house vibes of the season

Auroville Radio Team wishes you all Merry Christmas

Sean McCabe – Reach Out
Sheila Ford – La Costa
Angel-A, Oscar P – Be Where You Are
Sean McCabe, Dawn Williams – Grow (After The Storm)
Harold Brandon – Your Pain
Venessa L. Smith – Naked Soul
Distant Souls Marc Evans & Sheree Hicks Deja Vu 1st OFFICIAL video
RedSoul – Neo Wine
Maurice Joshua Feat M. Terrel – Love Is Here To Stay
Ledisi – In The Morning
Jullian Gomes ft. Sio – 1000 MemorieS
N’dinga Gaba, Jaidene Veda feat.Josh Milan – Beautiful
Opolopo, Roy Ananda, Sacha Williamson, Larry A – Transformation

ITDC presentation of new projects

Fabian did a fabulous job in presenting, the circumstances of 16 new projects , all under development and waiting for various approvals. There was a lot of content to cover and a lot of pending inquiries by the Aurovilians, who attended the presentation. The ultimate intention of the GM presentation was to get a clear consensus on opinions of the residents on the projects. But, many Aurovilians it seemed, had no background information about some of the projects, which led to detailed narratives, which was apart from the intended flow of the presentation. Nonetheless, the residents were quite unified on issues of allocation of lands, in non-complimentary zones. The residents, requested for more data onto the projects, which could only then create a premise of decisions and opinions. ITDC acknowledged these concerns of insufficient data available, and were open for suggestions and volunteers to fill the gaps in administration. Data on lands is formulative of many agencies and thus can always only be a summary of things.
At the on-set it is observed, couple of projects have strong objections, by Aurovillians and ITDC seemed to have no way of reaching a clear verdict.

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