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Daily Archives: 2016/12/26

Sharing Space with Service Space

Nipun! Just as the name means, ‘a clever man’, Nipun Mehta was like a Santa Claus with fresh ideas. In an introduction meet, organized by Manoj Pavitran and friends. The Participating Aurovilians got a treat this christmas when Nipus, whose name literally means Rishi, talking about ‘Gift Economy’. As Nipun suggests, we have many kinds of capital amount, to trade and deal in, money need not be the only option. Nipun along with his wife and brother started an organization, leading successfully in the world, ‘Service Space’.
The core principles of this organization are:
1. Totally volunteer operated
2. No fund-raising
3. Focus on small
He emphasis on the point of positive volition is what is required to create the desired ripple effect. When we create the correct atmosphere, the desired mind set within society can be achieved. The meet ended with a BIG group hug and people signing up for the 21 day kindness challenge. Smile cards and other positive symbols where distributed amongst Auroville as a gesture of love, for all of us to Pay-It-Forward.

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CAT5, Rejoice, Emergence

CAT5 Monday 26th at 4pm , 4 pm at Unity Pavilion

Rejoice – Auroville choir concert at 8pm at Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India.

A4A, LFAU, Green Acres invite us on Thursday 29th of December at 3pm at Unity Pavilion to the Projection of three films on Auroville’s land

28th December, Wednesday at 7pm and it is a night long performance Therukoothu Show at Adishakti

On Tuesday December 27, 7 pm onwards at Solitude Farm Cafe.Open Mic

on Wednesday 28 December – 7 pm onwards LIVE MUSIC: A History of Jazz Bass with Mishko M’ba (bass), Matt Littlewood (keys)

Thursday December 29, 7 pm onwards at Solitude Farm Cafe LIVE MUSIC: Emergence

To be entirely sincere means to desire the divine Truth only, to surrender yourself more and more to the Divine Mother, to reject all personal demand and desire other than this one aspiration, to offer every action of life to the Divine and do it as the work given without bringing in the ego. This is the basis of the divine life.

30 October 1930

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