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Daily Archives: 2017/01/04

Discussion on Spirituality

Students from California Institute of Integral Studies is visiting Auroville to learn and share what it means to live Integral Yoga. A rich course of events have been planned for them to explore different aspects of Auroville and interactions are organized for mutual learning.
One such occasion was today when they were at Bharat Nivas engaged in a spiritual discussion which was very rich in knowledge and of deep insights. They are here for two weeks and its an opportunity for everyone in Auroville to have a unique kind of cultural exchange with students of the same subject, Integral Yoga, inspired by the same master Sri Aurobindo and carry the same aspirations.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Jan 2017


Creating Auroville Together – CAT : Session 5
The CAT’s are at it again, persevering and organizing yet another deep thoughts provoking meeting for the residents of Auroville. The agenda to address is of Human Unity, as clearly mentioned in the charter, Auroville is a place of Human Unity, but the question is ‘How to achieve and preserve this unity’. Aspiration group joined hands with the CAT team for this special presentation and lead the entire meeting. A very unique approach was carved by them to enable a consensus on the topic. 4 questions were posed to the group to explore and introspect and the these were no ordinary or random question, they were questioned for which Mother has already left us with answers. The meeting was very warm and lot of good will exchange. People attending the meet, quite appreciated the efforts of the group to stimulate the community into a brainstorming which will capable us with out-of-the-box thinking and type of sharing which was result oriented. Auroville which is perhaps, in a kind of a transition phase, definitely can take valuable insights and inputs by the CAT’s meetings. Everyone interested in Creating Auroville Together should ensure they are part of the upcoming CAT meetings.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Jan 2017

Jazz Night at CRIPA

Jazz music lovers have came on their expense last night at Cripa with the Jazz Night. Audience had a chance to hear some jazz standards of Joao Gilberto, Horace Silver, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock…played by the visiting jazz guitar player Sid Jacobs, accompanied by “home” musicians Matt Littlewood on acoustics piano, Holger Jetter on bass and Srinath Srinivasan on drums.

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