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Daily Archives: 2017/01/08

Aster shares memories of Mother

Ever wondered how it was be with The Mother, live in the ashram, under her watchful gaze and access to her unlimited supply of love and wisdom. As a rare treat, students from California Institute of Integral Studies got a chance to listen to the intimate sharing of Aster about her childhood in the ashram and with the mother. Aster is our connection to The Mother as she was brought up in the world practically holding The Mothers fingers. Daughter to great Psychologists parents, Mother had special plans for her and like a innocent child, all Aster had to do was believe and follow on Mothers chosen path for her. She shares great insights about the working and the atmosphere of the ashram, how the 1st school in the ashram started with 12 children and what was the premise of education in the ashram. It was truly a magical time and great beings came to pass from the ashram, living and learning with Sri Aurobindo and The mother. Aster does her best to summarize and relive memories which are most cherished and unique in nature. To live and grow up in The Mother’s grace, a boon offered to few in life.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Jan 2017

70% output with Solarus Solar

Eureka! Mankind has crossed yet another milestone in sustainable energy and all credit due to Solarus Solar.
A company set out to revolutionize the world with their patented innovative technology, which not only gives comparatively four times the solar output but is the only unique product in the market which can heat your water at the same time as producing electricity. We met with the Mr Leen Zevenbergen, CEO of Solarus Solar, who is here in Auroville doing their first ever installation in India. This historic accomplishment was made possible by enormous efforts and good will from Auroville Consulting and Sunlit Unit from Auroville.
It is very impressive to hear from Leen the core values on which this technology and his company is operating from, it goes to strengthen the ideology of clean energy and clean values.
The company was given a prestigious award ‘Accenture Innovation Award’ and were granted membership to the social stock exchange of London.
More details and contact info is available from their website Also joining the conversation are Nagarsammi, their representative in India and Jeron, who is working with Auroville Consulting.

Comments: 1 Date: 08 Jan 2017

Nalaikki Fair – Can of Worms

TLC offered, as usual, a theater play, humorous twist about the latest Fertile Forest chaos – Can of Worms. And as usual, the play was a great success with abundant laughter of the audience.
The whole Nalaikki Fair, a community traditional celebration of Christmas, was a huge work of many – from YC staff, volunteers (different ways), musicians, performers, cooks, …. Johnny’s tea stall … and of course the excellent MC Jesse and Sushan
and surely without a proper sound of Matthia we would not be able to hear much.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Jan 2017

Nalaikki Fair – Amando Band

For the very end of musical program we heard Amando Band with Amando, Dhani and Peter.
Audience was on their feet, thrilled, and let them go off the stage reluctantly.
But the evening has not concluded yet … still fire juggling was offered, some more music….
After some years , we can clearly say , yes, regardless the date, Christmas spirit is back in town

Nalaikki Fair – Blues

After the Can of Worms – Johnny’s play we had a short intermezzo by a blues man – Tirion pays his debt.
Although it was getting late, and many left the Youth Centre, many more has just come to enjoy the last few act of the Nalaikki Fair, which has prove once more that community does want to, and need to celebrate together. …. Christams spirit has returned…

Nalaikki Fair – Dinner Jam

While dinner has been served with abundance of very diverse and good food, Dhani, Eduardo and Egmont were jamming on the main stage of the Youth Centre.
Giant Butterflies has paraded once more through – this time with the lights on.

Nalaikki Fair – Blue Soul

As the afternoon was going on the Blue Soul came on the stage. Kranti on vocal, Edoardo on guitar, Joel on bass, Peter/Robert on drums and Egmont on trumpet with some soft jazz pieces. Audience was getting numerous, and delighted by their perfomance.
At the same time tones of delicious food was cooked, giant butterflies were parading trough the Peaceful City, items were sold, games played, …performace of kalaripayattu and capoeira of Ginga Saroba……

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Jan 2017

Nalaikki Fair – Temple Rock

Despite that traditional Christmas Fair at Youth Centre was held yesterday 7th of January 2017 with the appropriate name “Malaikki Fair” the Christmas spirit was present …. maybe also due to the fact that in some parts of our planet, like Ethiopia it was last night the Christmas evening …. anyhow, all was fine, joyful cheerful, as many Christmas fairs in the past…
Musical part of the fair started in the middle of the afternoon with Krishna Temple Rock with Krishna, Matthew and Shanks.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Jan 2017
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