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Daily Archives: 2017/04/24

Proposal to restructure TDC

Therre was a general meeting held on Monday April 24 in Unity Pavilion which was a continuation of last months general meeting where the core group came up with fulfilling the task of restructuring Town Planning & Development Council (TDC)/L’Avenir d’Auroville. Last year, the Auroville council was asked to facilitate a process to restructure the TDC, the core group working on this comprised of Martin, Jesse, Sauro, Pashi, Shama, Suhasini, Mamta, Elvira, Lionel and Christiane. This meeting was a preparation for a Resident Assembly Decision-making Event (RAD) May 13 – June 10. The team proposed a revised structure of TDC and asked for the opinions of people present in the meeting on the same. A lot of healthy debate and constructive insights were offered by the members of the community attending the presentation. The feedbacks and comments for last month’s meeting were also shared. Involvement of youths was an important point in the discussion. Meeting ended up on a positive note.

Follow the links for earlier meetings:

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Valentin Martino de Collectif Bam

Collectif Bam, un groupe de ‘open-source’ designers dans le but de créer des produits innovants et des artefacts porteurs potentiels de réduction de l’impact sur l’environnement.

Mais, quel est l’impact environnemental de ces nouvelles formes de consommation?

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GMs on TDC and ALA

Monday April 24 – General Meeting (4.30pm – 6.30pm in Unity Pavilion) to discuss the: Proposal to restructure the Town Development Council in preparation for a Resident Assembly Decision-making Event (RAD) May 13 – June 10.

Saturday April 29 – General Meeting (10am -12pm in Unity Pavilion) to discuss the: Proposed new Auroville Learning Activities Guidelines.

Six days left to comment on Matrimandir Executive Nominees: Four-year term

24th of April 1920 The Mother’s final arrival in PondicherryThe Mother first visits Pondicherry in 1914; she returns to settle permanently in 1920.

A4A April Darshan flier and letter

Siegfried Latzke, who came to Auroville in 1998, left his body very peacefully in the evening Saturday 22 April, surrounded by his family in Discipline.

One goes much faster when he is not in a hurry. To really move forward, one should feel, with complete confidence, that eternity lies before him.
The Words of The Mother, Vol. 14

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