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Daily Archives: 2017/05/03

Synthesis of Yoga Pt. 1, Ch. 9

Continuing with part 1 the Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 9 Equality and the Annihilation of Ego on page 226 through its conclusion on page 231.

Sri Aurobindo explains that for we must grow into equality of spirit; there is a stoical period of preparation of equality in which we learn not to run from that which pains nor run towards that which pleases, but to accept, face, bear and conquer. He calls this period a most elementary and yet a heroic age. This period of resignation and endurance shall result in the soul’s strength, equal to all shocks and contacts.

The follower of this Path will finally realize him/herself as the conscious instrument of the eternal Worker, having renounced, surrendered fully to the supramental Shakti his works as well as the fruits of his works.

Selections par Gangalakshmi 204

Une série hébdomadaire de lectures par Gangalakshmi (en Français) de sélection d?oeuvres sur ou de la Mère et Sri Aurobindo, qui lui semble La Manifestation Supramentale.
A weekly series of readings by Gangalakshmi (in French) from selected works by or on the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
This week Savitri by Sri Aurobindo – Livre IV, Chant III – L’Appel de I’Inconnu

On the special request from listeners this edition is un cut!!!

South African Jazz, #2

Few days back South African Freedom Day was celebrated , and for that occasion in this musical edition we are looking at South African jazz under era of Apartheid, featuring great names of South African jazz of that time.

Kippie Moeketsi – African Day
Johnny Dyani Quartet song for Biko
Joe Bonner & Johnny Dyani – We Will Be Together
Hugh Masekela – Thimlela
Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny Dyani – Namhanje
Zim Ngqawana – Bantu (Rainbow Nation)
Pat Matshikiza – Kippie Moeketsi – Tshona!
Dollar Brand – Cape Town Fringe [1977]
Hugh Masekela – Song of Love

Pem Flow by KinGi

“Connectivity, bio circuitry, aren’t we all vibrating along,
getting in and out of touch,
looping through some ups and downs,
feeling locked in or out,
free to contact, interact,
with whichever next big challenge flows by…”
(words by KinGi)

27th April (at Tibetan Pavillion) was an evening of vocally performed poetry describing some climatic sensations of an inner environment. A single man show cannot be better than this. KinJi amazed everyone with his narration and act and no doubt the words he used. Everything was so beautifully written and with each piece he expressed the struggles going on inside every person’s mind. It was an so great to listen him and to witness his acting, the expressions, changing voice notes, everything was so awestruking and touching.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 May 2017

A talk with Lisbeth and Ashwin

In the hustle of reaching to our destination we often forget to look around the path we are walking on. We just cross a lot of things without even noticing the beautiful depths they bear. And we do the same while going to Pondicherry from Auroville, we pass a small village called Muthialpet. Even the people traveling through this road daily don’t know that such a place even exist because they always try to run as fast as they could from there because of all the traffic but in this they forget to consider going inside the village and know it truely. Lisbeth and Ashwin decided to pay a visit to this village. Very impressively they captured the essence of this place in their photographs and exhibited them to let people know this place more closely and not judging it based on the outside traffic. They have showed Muthialpet in every light from dawn to dusk in their exhibition held in Pitanga.
To know more about the exhibition and the experience they had while shooting Muthialpet listen to the talk we had with the Photographers.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 May 2017

Le Pavillon de France présente

« Le nid du vent : recherche dystopique » Une « en-quête » sur l’habiter, l’utopie et la dystopie
Présentée par Julie Beauté, étudiante en éco-philosophie à Paris

Comment habitons-nous la Terre ? Quelle place nous donnons-nous, êtres vivants, les un-e-s les autres, les un-e-s avec les autres ? Quelles tranches de vies partageons-nous ? Comment construisons-nous notre demeure dans le monde ? Comment nos vies se pelotonnent-elles pour faire tomber les frontières de nos identités ?

C’est à ces questions que Julie, étudiante en éco-philosophie à Paris et actuellement volontaire à Auro-Orchard, tente de répondre. Elle partagera sa recherche en cours, en proposant de s’interroger sur la question de l’habiter, sur les notions d’utopie et de dystopie, sur les concepts de maison et de chez-soi – et leurs revers. Sortant des bibliothèques et s’implantant dans la terre et dans les romans (notamment de science-fiction), elle dressera l’esquisse d’une « philosophie de terrain » en train de se faire, pour tenter de comprendre comment les vies se mêlent, s’entrelacent et se confondent dans les replis du monde.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 May 2017

CAT 14 with Russian singing bells

On 21st April, in unity Pavillion last session of CAT14 was held and it was all about creating harmony. Russian Bells were used to demonstrate how harmony can be developed among various individuals and that too with minimal efforts, all you need is balancing between receiving and giving. Vera with her Russian bells showed us how with just a bit of practice the sound vibrations can be harmonised.
The 2 hour of ringing bells session was so soothing and relaxing, people meditated with the sounds. They shared the joy of sound and silence and to tune with others’ vibrations.
With the music, CAT 14 ended leaving everyone present there totally spaced out, still feeling the vibrations passing through them.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 May 2017
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