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Daily Archives: 2017/05/12

To Heal Skin Problems

Sarah arrived in Auroville as one of many Weltwaerts volunteers from Germany, and has decided to work with plants, since that is her passion, and maybe her future line of work with environmental science. Most of time here she spent at Botanical Garden continuing with the work of a garden someone started last year., and as she mentions, some one will continue after her …

Sarah compiled booklet, which supposed to be the first one in the series, on Local Medicinal Plants in Tamil Nadu. That one is focused on healing skin problems with local plants.
So many possibilities, and freedom to chose , would be high on the list of things Sarah like about Auroville, followed by her good relationship with Makachi, a Tamil woman with an enormous knowledge on plants and their uses, who generously shared her knowledge with Sarah…..

Synthesis of Yoga Pt. 1, Ch. 10

The Three Modes of Nature, chapter 10, page 232, begins with an explanation of these three modes, their qualities, their workings.

These modes, termed gunas in Indian books, are named as sattva, rajas, tamas. No man is entirely one or another: Sri Aurobindo points out that all three are present in everyone and, everything; a constant combining, separating of their relations is in play.

In detail each guna is explained. One’s dominant guna is not the soul type of the individual but rather an index made for the present existence, at the particular moment of his evolution in Time.

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