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Daily Archives: 2018/01/04

Savitri, B. IV, C. IV, Part 1

Guided By Her Immortal Self, Savitri Seeks Her Soul-Mate

The World-Ways open before Savitri as she follows her inner and outer road. She is guided by both her individual portion of the Immortal Self and her individual soul. A deeper consciousness wells up in her and she remembers things that are a part of old forgotten selves from previous births. Even her journey to find her mate is not new to her. To her remembering witness soul she seemed to trace again a journey to her mate that she often made before. Sri Aurobindo teaches us about past lives and the action of karma by telling us this part of the story. He describes the “dim-masked, hooded godheads” who are at the same time the agents of our will, the witnesses of all we do, and the powers who carry out our fate. These are some of the karmic gods, assigned to us from birth, who carry the unbroken thread that old lives have spun. He also shows us the action of our Jivatma, our portion of the Self which is always seated above our head and is always there to guide our lives.

Let It Happen

Today’s music podcast is traveling through sonic styles while bridging continents through rhythm, true to the ethos of eclecticism.

Chico Mann & Captain Planet – Aguacero
Smiles Davis x Bosco – Morning Blues
Electric Punanny – Rosa Caleta
Electric Punanny Grammy Event ft. Jidenna & The.Wav
Electric Guest – Oh Devil
The Wav Halelooya Amari Marshall
Nadastrom – House Shoes
Miami Horror ft. Sarah Chernoff – Real Slow
Oumou Sangare – Yere Faga ft. Tony Allen (Natureboy Flako Remix)
Jubilee – Wine Up ft. Hoodcelebrity
Populous – Racatin
Detroit Swindle – Figure Of Speech
LCD Soundsystem – Tonite
Amadou & Mariam – Bofou Safou
Allen French – Nova Vida
Todd Terje – Jungelknugen
Jimpster – Silent Stars
Lord Echo – Just Do You ft. Mara TK
El Michels Affair – Tearz
Nick Hakim – Cuffed
Clap! Clap! – Hope ft. Oy
Tame Impala – Let it Happen
Shana Halligan – Been Waiting

Gitanjali, Abundance, Indian Choral Music

In today’s news a short excerpt of information Sharing Meeting on Bratstvo(Brotherhood) Pavilion with Vera.

On Saturday 6th of January from 6pm onward we are invited to Ukrainian Christmas or An Evening of Abundance.

Saturday, 6th of Januaryat 7:30 pm at Bhumika , Bharat Nivas – Gitanjali,
A bouquet of songs, primarily written by poet laureate Tagore by Ms.Damyanti Datta.

50th Team invite us to join them Cinema Paradiso on Saturday 6th at 4 :15pm for a screening of films that they made about the events in Delhi.

On Sunday 7th of January at 5.45pm at Bharat Nivas Indian Choral Music with songs on the theme of Human Unity composed by the late Sri MB Srinivasan and performed by Madras Youth Choir.

Question: Does the intervention of the Grace come through a call?

The Mother: When one calls? I think so. Anyway, not exclusively and solely. But certainly, yes, if one has faith in the Grace and an aspiration and if one does what a little child would when it runs to its mother and says: “Mamma, give me this”, if one calls with that simplicity, if one turns to the Grace and says “Give me this”, I believe it listens. Unless one asks for something that is not good for one, then it does not listen. If one asks from it something that does harm or is not favourable, it does not listen.
(CWM – Vol. 5,
pp. 367-68)

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Jan 2018

Well Studio Cafe OM TARA Newyear celebration – Live music

Sacred songs by Eleanor & Electrofolk music by Omri Swafielo from Ilhaam project

Ukrainian Pavilion presents SHCHEDRIJ VECHIR


Saturday 6 of January at 6 pm. Unity Pavilion hosts an Ukrainian event. The Evening of Abundance, Orthodox Christmas. Program for this evening :

– Short Presentation on Ukrainian Culture by Vladimir Yatsenko;
– Short video presentation about beautiful places of Ukraqine and Ukrainian origin;
– Ukrainian folk song concert by Vera, Shakti, Swaha, with Saraswati on flute and Rolf on guitar;
– Dinner ( by registration in UP 0413#2623576, a variety of delicious foods (suggested donation 350 INR by account, cash, or AV card)
– Dancing and singing around the fire;
– Flower Crowns making;
– You can also obtain a shirt with Ukrainian print (on donation basis);
All funds received will go towards the making of the Ukranian Pavilion.

Everybody is welcome! Looking to see you and share with us our Ukrainian space!

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