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Daily Archives: 2018/01/09

A mix of tribal and tropical grooves from Dj Boochie

Hello, I am Nicolas (DJ Boochie) and I come from a state not much bigger than Auroville: The Republic of San Marino 🙂 I currently live in Brussels (Belgium) working in music as an art director and promoter, as well as a DJ. I have recently started a new web radio called Kiosk Radio, streaming music live, every day, from a small wooden kiosk in Brussels’ central park. In the past few days in Auroville I have realized that the number 12 is important and recurrent in this project. I have therefore selected 12 tracks that have been particularly important for me over the last year. Expect a mix of tribal and tropical grooves, traveling from South Africa to Guadalupe, passing through Belgium and, of course, Italy.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Jan 2018

Synthesis of Yoga

Starting on page 400, Part Two the Yoga of Integral Knowledge, Chapter 14, the Passive and the Active Brahman, through page 404, mid-page.

The integral Yoga of knowledge demands a divine return upon world-existence; its first step must be to realize the Self as the All; one must realize all of which the mind and senses are aware, as a figure of things existing in the pure Self that we are.

The aim of the ascetic Yoga, which refuses life, is not at all the aim of the integral Yoga. We can have an activity perfect enough along with an inner passivity, peace, mental silence, indifference and cessation of the emotions (although this does not seem possible to the ordinary mind.) Activity without desire and emotional preference is attainable. Consider that a large part of our action is performed by a mechanical impulse … we can go beyond the habitual and ‘normal’ process of our mental nature.

To be concluded in the next reading to the end of the chapter on page 408.

Gems From the Past

Digging in the past to retrieve some of our favorite gems from the Congo, Zimbabwe,Kenya, Tanzania, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico of famous afropop parties hosted by Georges Collinet and Prince Segue Segue.

Devera Ngwena Jazz Band – Too Cheap
Zaiko Langa – Langa On Gagne Le Proces
Franco & Le TPOK Jazz- Mobembo Ekosila Titi
Pat Thomas – Mpaebo
Francis Kenya’s Guitar Band – Nyameco
Khiama Boys-Kutambura
The Super Tens – Umkhulumelani Kabi Ngegama Lami
Gnonnas Pedro & ses Dadjes – Les Femmes d’Abord
Los Van Van – Aquí
el que Baila Gana
Original de ManzanilloComenzo la
Fefita La Grande – No Tengo Derrota
Jimmy Pedrozo
y Franklin Ariza – lo Mas Sabroso
Rusbell Chimenti Orlando Jimenez – Triste Despedida
Orchestre Tropicana d’Haïti – Mwen Sonje’w Cheri
Conjunto Tipico Ladi – Melodia Tropical

News – Pongal Celebration 2018, Singing Kirtan, Buddha Garden Farm Tour

– Pongal Celebration At Auroville Village Action Group – Irumbai
9th of January 2018 From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

– SINGING KIRTAN Tomorrow at 7:00 PM at Butterfly Barn at Sve-dame

– Buddha Garden FARM TOUR Wednesday at 10:00 AM

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.” – Nat King Cole

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Jan 2018
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