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03 Oct / 2010Program by:
Language: English

3 days, 20 people – Xpress

The need for socializing on informal, creative way in the town is big, and the fact is that such a kind a place in one doesn’t exist yet. So Aurovilians can satisfy their needs for socializing at particular places. Youth Centre tends to bring all at the same time at the same place, and festival is an excellent way how to fulfill not only needs for socializing but also the way how to express ourselves on creative way. Last week three days long Expression Festival it might had not been the best when we’re talking about organization, but energies flowing around those days were surely positive for all ages. What does it takes to bring three days event form the starting idea to realization we spoke with Geo and Jitta in a short interview, and their common observation is that not enough people of good will coming forward at times of such events.