Photographer:Alma | Parking Space at Town Hall Photographer:Alma | Luigi Photographer:Alma | PArking space with extended roof
28 Feb / 2012Program by:
Language: English

44th and Happy Parking

Happy 44th Birhtday Auroville! In today’s news we feature short excerpts of interview with Daniel on anniversary, and one with Luigi from L’Avenir d”Auroville about extensions of parking space at the Town Hall, which is one of the steps to manifest pollution free urban space in Auroville. On Saturday 3rd of March at 5pm at Savitri Bhavan Georges Van Vrekhem will start his March Saturdays series of talks with – True philosophy: the philosopher and the yogi . On Sunday Anandi will share with us “tango y dulce de leche” at Unity Pavilion.

Do not allow any discouragement to come upon you and have no distrust of the Divine Grace. Whatever difficulties are outside you, whatever weaknesses are inside you, if you keep firm hold on your faith and your aspiration, the secret Power will carry you through…Even if you are oppressed with Opposition and difficulties, even if you stumble, even if the way seems closed to you, keep hold on your aspiration; if faith is clouded for a time, turn always in mind and heart to us and it will be removed.
– Sri Aurobindo