Photographer:Vida | Ulrike Photographer:Vida | amazing stories of 50 births honoring 50 years of Auroville
28 Nov / 2018Program by:
Featured: UlrikeLanguage: English

50 Births Stories Honoring Women, Children….Divine

This morning we were talking to Ulrike who wished to honor 50 years of Auroville on her unique way – through births. For that she collected 50 stories of Auroville’s births, typed them, and are on display at the Pavilion of Tibetan Cutlure at the exhibition until 8th of December.
Amazing stories, plenty of photos from either Auroville Archive, Dominq Darr, and mothers themselves. We found out that during 50 years of Auroville almost 800 children were born, and Ulrike mentions that Jaya at Unity Pavilion is collecting data on births and deaths in Auroville, which still miss some facts (if you are reading this, and you might have some data, please come forward).
Today at 5.30pm Paula will share a presentation on “Importance of Microbiome” and “Aurovilian Birth” , but Ulrike warmly invites us to the closing ceremony on Saturday 8th of December at 5pm , also at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture.

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