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14 Jan / 2014Program by:
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8th Tibet Festival Performance

A very moving performance last saturday night at the tibetan pavilion in Auroville for the 8th Tibet festival. The TSAM (tibetan students association of Madras) expressed through traditional dance and singing their hope to free Tibet. The show ended with the Tibet national anthem song and it brought tears to my eyes as the generosity and warmth of these yet hobbyist dancers and singers but with such goodwill, honesty,sense of humor & commitment to the cause of their country that i could only see the humanitarian work they are doing. Free Tibet!

TSAM is a great support for Tibetans education in India, here are the targets:

Aims and Objectives:

1. To retain our national identity by exhibiting our rich and unique culture.
2. To create awareness about the total Human Rights violation in Tibet.
3. To sensitize the people of Chennai about various harmful policies of China upon Tibet.
4. To create good relation with local Indian friends.
5. To helpstudents get admissions for various colleges in Chennai.
6. To help Tibetan students in Chennai and so on. .


Being a purely non-profit students’ organization, our chief source of financial support is voluntary contribution we receive from all our patrons, institutions and individuals alike. Apart from this, whatever is within the bound of our potential we try to add to our general fund, such as holding Tibetan stalls during the colleges’ festivals and fund raising through various cultural shows..

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