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07 Dec / 2012Program by:
Language: English

A Call for Rain

With a present shortfall of nearly 50 cm. below the average annual rainfall, Auroville and its bioregion desperately need more rain and soon, if the aquifers are to be topped up, providing adequate water for next year. In these circumstances are we powerless? Aurovilian Tim thinks not. Tim points out that we have the powers of prayer and visualisation available to us, and that now seems the time to use them. How to do this: daily ask for, pray for and/or visualise rain falling. There’s nothing to lose; perhaps Lord Varuna will acquiesce.

‘That fulfil for which thou wert born this is thy work and the aim of thy being and that for which thou art here, to become the divine superman and a perfect vessel of the Godhead. All else that thou hast to do, is only a making thyself ready or, a joy by the way or a fall from the purpose. But the goal is this and the purpose is this and not in the power of the way or the joy by the way but in the joy of the goal is the greatness and the delight of thy being. The joy of the way is because that which is drawing thee is also with thee on thy path and the power to climb was given thee that thou mightest mount to thy own summits.’ Extracted from the writings of Sri Aurobindo.