Photographer:Andrea | Deepti Tewari
12 Feb / 2012Program by:
Featured: Deepti TewariLanguage: English

A Conscious Collective

Deepti Tewari has been in Auroville since she was 16. She has read the Mother and Sri Aurobindo extensively and has achieved much clarity on their ideas of the ‘earth consciousness’. Today she shared with us her understanding of the ‘type of consciousness’ that Auroville was built on, and the consciousness that Aurovillians perhaps need now. Auroville was built to be a psychological garden of harmony, sweetness and beauty, she says, but it can be that only if we renounce our egos and let the ‘collective realization’ take over.


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  • Francis Omoruto

    I visited Auroville quite a while ago when I was a student at IIT Madras.
    The community achievements left a very deep impression.
    I also met Deepti then, and have always wondered how to get in touch with her again.
    If possible, please pass on my email address and my WhatsApp +256793694540

    Thank you!
    Francis Omoruto in Uganda