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A Cup of Joy – ep.10 “The happiness cocktail, hormones that make us high”

As humans we’re biologically built to seek pleasure and avoid pain. We sometimes feel a stifling gap between our “normal” ordinary life and those exciting activities or moments where we feel excited, exhilarated or energized… where we feel we can almost touch the stars with our hands.

In order to have a taste of these “moments of paradise” or to escape the pain of ordinary life, people have resorted to all sorts of strategies, which very often are unhealthy and dangerous. These include the usage of various substances and drugs, as chemical ways to embark in some kind of artificial “sky rockets” which will get us “high”, but in a rather dangerous way.

In this episode Francesco & Vega are going to instead explore the alternative possibilities of inducing the “self-production” of bodily made “happiness cocktail”… a mixture composed of the “4 main hormones of bliss”: Serotonine, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins.

By a series of practices that you can easily undertake, you’ll be able to activate your own body’s ability to “shoot” this exhilarating mixture into your bloodstream and feel your mood & mind rise up, like bubbles in a fizzy drink.

Equipped with better understanding and knowledge, you may feel motivated to introduce some of these practices in your day-to-day life, to become more able to regulate your internal homeostasis and

simply become more JOYFUL and FEEL BETTER!


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