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A Cup of Joy – ep.11 “What about some Music? To fuel our body and soul…”

“What about some Music? To fuel our body and soul…”

Let’s press the play botton…

Notes, Vibrations and Sounds begin at once to touch us…In a split of a second we have a sense of recognition, we feel the rhythm, we immediately have a response. Like a guest through an open door, the music notes flow through our years and reach at once our head and heart.

A well known song may take us directly to a memory, a favorite one may immediately change our mood and make us tap along…

No one is immune to the penetrative and capturing power of music!

Since the dawn of civilization, music has been an ever-present companion of human experience, a means of communication and of social bonding. Nature itself has ingrained in our biological make-up a well equipped reward-mechanism, which makes us feel good each time we listen or play music.

And…besides making us feel good it also does good to us.

The use or creation of music gives a vast range of beneficial effects, both at individual and collective levels. On a personal level it helps for example to improve our memory, it slows down the aging process, makes us more focused and triggers the production beneficial hormones.

At a collective level it can function as a super-glue for healthy social bonding or as a healing balm for raising morally and spiritually the members of a society. It can also be an outlet of expression for entire groups or minorities which can make one’s voice to be heard…

Francesco and Vega will share the inspiring works of people like Josè Antonio Abreu, creator of “El sistema”, director Ezio Bosso, Alan Harvey. And as usual they’ll share a few tips to help us to better integrate the magical power of music in the choices we take to lead our day-to-day life.

Below you can find the links of some videos we’re referring to:

Josè Antonio Abreu, creator of “El sistema”:

Your brain on music, Alan Harvey, TEDex:

Anita Collins, benefits of playing a musical instrument:

Interview to Ezio Bosso on orchestra as perfect society:


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