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22 Jun / 2020Program by:

A Cup of Joy – ep.4 “The Power of laughter, a “cup of joy” always at our disposal”

Laughter is contagious, laughter brings us joy, laughter can change even our darkest day. 

What turns a rhythmical pull and push of breath and muscles into a flood of happy hormones? Can we induce an “artificial” laughter and all of a sudden find ourself in an authentic exhilarated mood? How can we open ourselves to others and let their smile trigger an upward curve within us? How can we use the power of self-humor to look at our lives from a new lighter perspective? Can we make joy a self-made medicine?

These and more aspects will be touched and stringed together by the common thread of smile & laughter.

Vega and Francesco will talk about their own and other people’s experiences related to “smile-laughter-triggering-practices”. They’ll suggest a number of possibilities one can practically use to lighten one’s day through them.

References of books, activities and resources related to this theme will be shared so that the listener can note them down and access them if she will. 
here below you find some interesting links:
World Laughter Master: Bachew Girma:
Ted Ex on laughter: 
MeDi Clown Academy:

These are the references and resources.

Norman Cousins [ anatomy of an illness]
Madan Kataria [Laughter yoga]
Jeffrey Briar [Laughter exercises]
and there are many youtube videos when you search with laughter. ^^


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