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A Cup of Joy – ep.6 “Let’s enjoy the Strawberries of Life”

_“Let’s enjoy the Strawberries of Life”…diving into the realm of peak-experiences and flow states._
Ordinary life is often experienced as monotonous, tedious, difficult or even dounting. Moving through our ordinary routines and daily chores can bring a sense of repetitiveness that dulls our perceptions and numbs our ability to enjoy the zest and flavor of life.
Nevertheless, all of us had experienced at least once in their life the exhilarating bliss of those special moments in which everything seems to be perfectly working, where we find ourselves in harmony with all, when life feels to be tainted with a vivid sense of magic and wonder.
These are key moments that give our entire life its meaning and fulfillment. It is for them that we unconsciously strive. Somewhere in us there’s the knowledge that a fuller way of living can be reached and delightfully savored. When we taste these “Strawberries” we feel an irresistible drive to experience that feeling again and again.
So, what exactly are these “peak experience” we’re talking about? Who can experience them? Can they be induced at will? What can one do to increase their frequency and intensity? How do I integrate them in my ordinary life?
During this episode we’ll explore the possible answers to these questions and we’ll dive into the enlighteningng realm of peak-experience from the point of view of humanistic psychology and psychology of health, referring to the groundwork of Abraham Maslow.
As usual Francesco and Vega will share some practical tips which will help the listener to tap into the reservoir of the hidden human potential and use it for living a better and more fulfilling life.

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