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A Cup of Joy – ep.7 “Let’s wake up in the morning… start with the right step!”

The morning hours are pure gold!

In our earlier hours we are “planting” the seeds of our attitudes and intentions that will grow throughout the day, making it fulfilling and fruitful.

Have you ever heard some musician saying that the first notes of a song sets the entire tone to it? our first hours of the day we can choose our song…we can set our tempo and define the kind of melody we’d like to be played through this fresh upcoming day.

During this episode Francesco and Vega will talk about the many possibilities one can tap into for making the best of our earlier hours and extract from it the precious juice of life…that we can then keep enjoying during the activities that will follow.

Through the discussion they’ll help the listener to broaden the view on this topic by showing how evening, night and morning are closely connected in a continuum that, if properly taken care of, can carry us in an effortless wave of dynamism and satisfaction.

You can refer to: Robin Sharma “5 am club”


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