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20 Jul / 2020Program by:

A Cup of Joy – ep.8 “E-motions, our precious fuel for moving in life”

E-motions can be our best friends, or our worst enemies…Depending on the way related to them and our ability to skillfully harness and wisely wield their power.

We could for instance get frozen by fear, imprisoned by worry, or seized by anger by passively yielding and being at their mercy… Or we could try to fight them internally by opposing a futile and destructive internal battle…

Or we could learn how to recognize their signals, how to accept their presence, while at the same time use their potential Energy and transmute it into constructive actions…

In today’s episode Francesco & Vega will shed light on the essential topic of emotional mastery, by offering an array of different perspectives on this theme. They’ll refer to the work of great characters such as Marshall Rosenberg, Eckhart Tolle, Daniel Goleman, Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lee.

Our wish is to offer to the listener a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of their own E-motions as well as offering some practical possibilities that can help to better manage and relate to our emotional landscape.


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