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A Midsummer Night's Dream by the Auroville Theatre Group

One of the most popular Shakespeare’s plays, a comedy and romance A Midsummer Night’s Dream is staged by the Auroville Theatre Group in collaboration of Department for Performing Arts of Pondicherry University and AV Art Service.

And is it a coincidence that the play was put on the stage at the time of Winter solstice, and on top of it on a Full Moon? Many actors of various places, (and ages) contribute to the flair of the riotous comedy, where the all known plot excites the audience in expectation of moments of confusion, chaos and fun, spiced with all presenting love; in the frame of the magical forest with cute, ever moving fairies, transforming flowers, and an amazing chameleon.


With: Swar, Parshathy, Gokul, Rahul, Lata, Ra, Edwin, Hema, Lali, Liz, Sathish, Ratan, Prithi, Sahanna, Nishant, Asia AND … Umair, Vatsha, Anurag, Karthik, Naveen, Sethupathy, Aman
Original Music by Hartmut von Lieres 
Lighting Design by Sugumar Shanmugam 
Asst. Director Rupam Mishra
Set Design by Swar
Sound by Suresh 
Costume Designs by Upasana Design Studio (Manju and friends) and Fairy Costumes by Shiva Sharifi 
Asses Head by Renana and Rupam 
Stage Manager, Aman 
Directed by Jill 
In Association with the AV Art Service