Photographer:Gino | The trio Merope Photographer:Gino | Indr? Jurgelevi?i?t? Photographer:Gino | Indr? playing on kankl?s Photographer:Gino | Indr? singing Photographer:Gino | Bert Cools on guitar and effects Photographer:Gino | Jean Christophe Bonnafous on bansuri Photographer:Gino | The trio Merope towards the end of the evening
01 Mar / 2018Program by:

A musical offering by the group Merope

The perfect way to end an evening after a week of excitement following various events including the visit of PM Modi and the celebration of Auroville 50th birthday.

Inspired by nature and dreams, they sing about the connection between humans and nature.

Indr? Jurgelevi?i?t? (Lithuania) – voice and kankl?s

Jean Christophe Bonnafous (France) –- bansuri

Bert Cools (Belgium) – guitar and effects.

The music was very relaxing.


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