Photographer:Andrea | Maurizio
30 Dec / 2010Program by:

A tribute

This track was recorded at Sergio’s in Minati about 4-5 years ago. At that time we were a trio consisting of two guitarists and a percussionist/vocal. We were composing our own pieces; often Sergio would write down the main themes and work on the sound engineering, whilst Maurizio and I would enrich the pieces and add our personal touches. We aimed at creating a new genre that fused our musical knowledge with the yearning of our hearts. Something that represented our need to explore further as musicians in the spirit of Auroville.

Maurizio was very creative, he was able to transform the most insignificant piece of music into something original. He was very versatile, he could play from Western Classical, Flamenco, Jazz and more, to the most improvised and experimental approaches. He was very conversant in different string instruments including guitars, mandolin, bass; but he also played some percussion and he could sing. He was also an excellent sound engineer. I will miss him greatly because to me he was the only true musician here in Auroville that stimulated and inspired me. He was open to new ideas, and never allowed his own knowledge to tigh him down. He surely had the potential to create a new genre. This was the only piece I was able to save in its original form before it got altered later with others recordings. Notice the blending of the sounds between the metal string guitar and the wining of the water in a simple metal pot (lota). Sergio on guitar, Gino on lota with water (lota is a metal pot which here I used as a percussion) Maurizio on lead guitar.