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10 Jan / 2016Program by:
Featured: MandakiniLanguage: English

A4A – To Protect the Land

Mandakini came to the radio on quiet Sunday morning with a big smile on her face, vibrant energy in her gestures, and readiness to share with us some facts on the fundraising campaign A4A – Acres For Auroville, and Green Acres.
A4A was launched on 15th of August 2014, and in just 3 months raised 110 lakhs. Out of that the first one to be bought was plot between Deepanam School, Arka and Matrimandir.
Dedicated, hardworking Mandakini who is actively involved in the activities of AVI France, friend of Auroville, and has lived in Sri Aurobindo ashram does spend most of her time following her inner “vocie” to chose her curse of the action.; and she has been a driving force behind quite many campaigns (Sante, ambulance…)
And as she mentions in between that if we quiet our minds we can receive clear instructions on what to do, following inner voice since the mind cannot see the future. For raising funds for securing land for Auroville she felt that the time is NOW.
Mandakini, Aryadeep, Sigrid, Jasmin and Jyoti which are the heart of the A4A have realized that they need to find one point of unity, and for that they chose plot next to Matrimandir to protect the sacred space of it.