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On Thursday at 4.30pm at SAWCHU the community is invited by L”Avenir Team to its Information & Sharing Meeting .On Firiday at 8.30pm at Verite Hall will be a simple gathering in silence In memory of Bhavana Today at 4.30 to 8.3opm Mohanam Cultural Center in (Sanjeevinagar) Invites us for a program of: Village life Story telling at Mohanam Cultural Center.
The Sanjeevi Nagar village celebrates its Brahmoursavam from 30.4 to 8.5. Brahmotsavam is a nine-day celebration for the Mother Goddess – Throwpathi Amman and finishes with walk trough fire

At every moment may our attitude be such that Thy divine Will may determine our choice and that thus it may be Thou who directest our entire life.The Mother

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