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Photographer:Marlenka | Loretta

Accessibility of Mother`s Experience

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Today’s news features an excerpt of an interview with Loretta speaking on a lecture series she will present beginning on 20 January: Sri Aurobindo and the Mother: the Supramental Transformation. Loretta’s research culminating in these lectures has as its aim the making of Mother’s experiences accessible in a form perhaps somewhat simplified to those who now come to Auroville, to comprehend the importance of the work Mother came to do…also in the news find several announcements: a flute concert and workshop, a talk on Buddhism and Environment and, the chanting of Om Namo Bhagavate at the Amphitheatre dedicated to Maurizio..

From the Mother: ‘…one can prove the truth of anything by reasoning but, that does not make it true. It remains an opinion, a prejudice, a knowledge based on appearances which are themselves more than dubious.’

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07 Jan / 2011

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