Photographer:Shirin | Bali and his son Angadha Photographer:Shirin | Bali ans his brother Sugriva Photographer:Shirin | Mulli and Killi Photographer:Shirin | Mulli and Killi Photographer:Shirin | Killi and Mulli and Bali, Ram and Tara Photographer:Shirin | Bali, Ram, Tara, storry tellers at the back Photographer:Shirin | performing team

Adishkati's Bali

After four years of demise of Veenapani Chawla, funder of Adishakti Theatre, team has staged their own production, the world premiere – Bali.
Play, directed by Nimmy Raphael, follows(retold) the mythical story of Ramayana, and the moment of death of Bali in the battle between Bali and Ram. Exploring right and wrong, might change subjectively from the view point of the character. Bali’s death is in the center, yet story goes back and forth, intertwined with every day life, and impacts that epic Ramayana and Mahabharata had on the culture of the country. The play gives both as well performers as the audience a space for introspection. With use of hilarious slapsticks actors are exaggerating, and conveying a certain idea pulling it away form the rigidity of dominant ideology.
High spirited Adishakti laboratory for theatre and research is always a space for exploration, and growth, and yesterday’s play shown that the home based team is not only a good team of organizers but also skillful set of actors, performers, artist……

Credits and casts
written and directed by Nimmy Raphael
Perfromed by Vinay Kumar, Arvind Rane, Ashiqa Salvan, Kiyomi Mehta, Rijul Ray
Music arranged and composed by Vinay Kumar, and played by Meeedhu Miriyam
Light designed by Vinay /kumar and played by Anand Satheendran
Costumes designed by Viji Joy