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Africa House Meeting and Litter Free Day

Today’s news features an excerpt from the’ Africa House Meeting on Thursday the 21st of January in the Unity Pavilion. Also in the news an announcement for a presentation on providing communication services held bei Team ICITI, the Task Force Communication of l’Avenir d’Auroville on Friday the 29th of January in the Town Hall Conference Room and all information about the Litter Free Auroville at the same date: litter pick-up, children’s games, a Trashion Show and litter-music.

Litter Free AurovilleOn Jan. 29th in the morning: 7.15 a.m. at Sawchu, Bharat Nivas – Yoga Nidra in recognition of the fact that waste has become a paramount issue in Auroville and on our planet, you are invited to a yoga nidra meditation, focusing on a more conscious life where harmony and beauty are present as much in ourselves as in the world around us, and visualizing a clean and pollution-free environment, society, and world. – Let us muster and spread a healing vibration throughout Auroville and our world. (Please bring socks and a shawl – you might need them – and a mat if you have – in case we do not have enough.) / With Aloka and Joan. 9.00-10.30 amJoin us in a massive litter pick-up along main roads and throughout Auroville communities!There are many ways how you can participate: You can grab your own bag and pair of gloves, and pick up waste in your own community. Alternatively, you can join other Auroville community members at one of the three locations at 9 a.m.: Aurelec, CSR, or Repos Beach. At each of these three spots, there will be an LFA volunteer waiting, ready to lead you on a one-hour litter pick-up in that area. We will provide gloves and sacks, but we ask you to please bring your own drinking water with you. On this morning all roads will lead to Certitude, and your pilgrimage through dust, sweat and litter will end at the foot of a sacred mountain of garbage. 10.30-12.30 am at Certitude sports groundsInteractive exhibition, mainly for school children, with demos, games, quizzes and pledges about 11.45 am Puppet show:The AV Waste Puppet Theatre presents "Let’s dance!", a musical performance by Mister Paper, Plastic Lady, Lays Master, Funky Bottle and Super Robot. Come and join the party! On Jan. 29th in the afternoon & evening – 2.30-4.30 p.m. at Certitude sports groundsExhibition continued, a must-see for adults too, highlighting problems of waste management global and local, and suggesting steps the individual can take towards sustainability.2.30-4.00 pm: Trash Art and Crafts workshop for kids – with Marie Claire and Mirco.stART, an exhibition of art-work and products – Creativity with recycled material. Challenging your imagination by seeing unused material in new forms.About 4.00 pm: Puppet show on stage again – your last chance! 7.00 pm at the Visitors CentreDinner with a vegetarian / vegan buffet with mouthfuls of delight, to highlight the wasteful management of resources involved in animal husbandry and meat production.(Prices: Rs. 150.- for children, Rs. 200.- for Aurovilians, and Rs. 250.- for non-Aurovilian guests) 8.00-11.00 pm at the Visitors CentreJoin us to celebrate this groundbreaking initiative in making a deal out of how we deal with our waste. There will be a crazy melee of artists and performers bringing you the night of a lifetime, including aTrashion ShowCome & see a fashion parade spectacular featuring garments and accessories made entirely from trash and recycled junk. The event challenges Auroville’s best designers to work with Auroville’s worst materials. The show aims to delight, entertain, dazzle and remind us to use less plastic, separate our waste, and remain ever conscious of our beautiful planet and vulnerable biosphere…. and noteworthy entertainment featuring:Nadaka & Gopika – performing with the relevant theme in mind; The Mohanam Boys – making percussion music out of litter; The Brand New Band – representing the youth our future; Krishna (Emergence) – playing home-grown eco-friendly fusion; Jivan & Suryan – singing songs of love and waste; Patcha Mama – getting you grooving to sustainable ska/reggae; Jesse, the ever splendid trash talkin host, and much more. If you can appreciate that you are made from recycled material, do not miss it! Hope to see you there! – Cheers, the LFA team PS: (1) Keep your eyes open for snazzy t-shirts with the right messages!(2) Check out the films in Auroville cinemas! (3) Volunteers are still needed for helping before and during the events of the 29th, for setting up exhibition stalls on 28th, for guiding litter clean-up teams on 29th, etc. Please contact Soma Waste Management – see below.(4) On Friday morning, 29th of Jan, over 1,000 peple will be picking up litter from 8:30 to 10:30 along Auroville roads and main roads to Auroville. We request everyone to please drive carefully and slowly for the safety of all those involved. Thank you!!(5) To all those with cameras: Please bring them along on the 29th to help us document the LFA campaign.(6) For more information please contact Soma Waste Management either by phone at 2622979 or by e-mail at or drop by the office in Aurelec.

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