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African Night, Frisbee, LUYE

We’re featuring an excerpt of interview with Isis from Benin who’s inviting the community to an Africa Night – event of the Africa House at Unity Pavilion in International Zone on Friday 1st of February from 6.30pm onward. LUYE on Saturday 2nd at Solitude Farm for the full day of amazing organic food, eco stalls, games… music for 12 hours. From 1st – 3rd of February the Auroville Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament will be going on on 5 fields (Certitude, Udavi, Aurodam, and 2 fields behind Tibetan pavilion)!

At every moment may our attitude be such that Thy divine Will may determine our choice and that thus it may be Thou who directest our entire life.The Mother


Just to clarify for Saturday the 2nd Feburary

Tickets will be available at the gate on Saturday for both Aurovillians and guests.

There has been 5 months of work and planning gone into this festival and there are so many expenses. We have called meetings about the festival, offered opportunities for people to come and volunteer and help organise the festival and even offered free tickets to people who disagree with the tickets system( providing they came to the farm to get the tickets before hand (this was printed 3 times in the news and notes.))
I know there are some people who are not happy with the system but no one came forward with other ideas! So please don’t make a fuss on the day. under 16s are free and the cheap ticket is 100 rupies, which we doubt is out of anyones budget. Be aware that we have to pay for stage, transport of musicians, some musician fees, mixing desk and mics etc, food for the volunteers and musicians, generator fuel and mechanic, accommodation, transport for materials, infrastructure preparation and materials ie casurina, rope, bamboo, printing, advertising, lighting and more!!
Basically we have worked hard to put on this festival and it is a unique day in the year, if you feel strongly about how it is run please come and help with next years festival but please be generous in your heart and mind for this year.
LUYE team Krishna, Andrea, Agnes, Neetu