Photographer:Giorgio | Roots and golden disks. The Matrimandir seen from east Photographer:Manohar | In the Matrimandir gardens some trees felt but the architectectural structures are safe.
05 Jan / 2012Program by:
Language: English

After Cyclone Priority

The Working Committee member Daniel talks about the rehabilitation work happening in Auroville after the Thane cyclone. The most urgent matter is the restoring of the electricity since Auroville depends 100% on water pumped by the borewells. The electrical distribution lines are totally destroyed. About 150 electrical poles are broken and only 50 of them are available. It is estimated that the recovery of electrical power in all the different communities will take around one month. The next week most probably the school will open.

The wood also is another matter of concern since there are villages claiming ownership over the fallen trees, to cut them and sell it. Auroville wants to centralize the collection of the wood to avoid its disappearance.