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14 Sep / 2011Program by:
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Against Pollution

Featured in today’s news find further information against pollution, in relation to the Karuvadikuppam dumpsite, with a plea for involvement from all, as all suffer the effect of it. Announcements incllude this weekend festivities in recognition of World Bamboo Day. Offered also on Saturday a computer slide show on Japanese Gardens at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture and, a reminder that Play of Painting sessions continue at Udavi Schools new studio on Sunday afternoons 4-5:30 p.m.

The force of soul in you, meeting the same force from outside you, cannot harmonise the measures of the contact in values of mind-experience and body experience; therefore you have pain, grief, uneasiness. Human beings are in the habit of basing their relationshiops with others on physical, vital and mental contacts; that is why almost always discord and suffering occurs. If on the contrary, they would base their relationshiops on psychic contact, that is between soul and soul, they would find that behind the troubled appearances there is a profound and lasting harmony which can express itself in all the activities of life and cause disorder and suffering to be replaced by peace, and, bliss.