Photographer:Andrea | Maurizio in 2009 playing with the Free 5
03 Jan / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Alive through Music

Featured in today’s news is an excerpt of some of Maurizio’s improvisational music captured in 2006. We ponder the coming and the going of life as we perceive it… people we know go, souls take birth in new bodies that we learn to know. Maurizio Gabriel: a fine musician; a guitarist. Not only a performer but a teacher, supporting numerous young would-be musicians on the intricacies and style of being a good player, Gabriel will be missed by many; as a musician, as a friend and as a gentle man, always soft-spoken, with a humor that brought laughter to our midst. A Dieu Gabriel. Also announcements: Matrimandir puts out a call for volunteers to Aurovilians, Newcomers and Long Term Guests to take up the maintenance work of Matrimandir to help manifest it gardens.More music: L’Orfeo in India: an Indian reconstruction of the opera on Wednesday at Bharat Nivas Auditorium.

O Death, our masked friend and maker of opportunities, when thou wouldst open the gate, hesitate not to tell us beforehand, for we are not of those who are shaken by its iron jarring… death is somethimes a rude valet but when he changes this robe of earth for that brighter raiment, his horseplay and impertinences can be pardoned… for who shall slay thee O soul immortal? Who shall torture thee O God ever joyous?-from Sri Aurobindo Thoughts and Aphorisms

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