Photographer:Raghu Menon | Water Collected from various town nearby Pondicherry for Water Festival Photographer:Raghu Menon | Lighting the lamp at the closing ceremony Photographer:Raghu Menon | School students who participated in the Water Festival 2016 Photographer:Raghu Menon | Dr. Bhanu R. Neupane, Program Specialist at UNESCO Photographer:Stephen Anurag P | Puppet Show by government school students of Pondicherry Photographer:Stephen Anurag P | Small drama by governemt school students Photographer:Stephen Anurag P | Girls Government School students, Pondicherry
30 Mar / 2016Program by:

All For Water For All

Water Festival 2016 was initiated by few NGOs, Government agencies and Educational institutions in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu which was supported by many forums mainly Auroville, UNESCO, Alliance Francaise and Pondicherry University.

A three week program included awareness programs, water camps, signature campaign, dramas and other cultural shows which promote the importance of water. Many school students have participated in the event and the valedictory program was held on 22nd March 2016 at Bharat Nivas, Auroville.

Speaking to the participants and the distinguished guests, Dr. Bhanu R. Neupane, Program Specialist at UNESCO said that “Together, we can resolve the water issues and there should be a strategic plan and also a systematic action to counter water challenges”. He also later added that, UNESCO would be ready and always be a supporting agency to any water management initiatives.

Many dance programs, talks and presentations were organized during the closing program and the Puppet Show was a major highlight to light the minds of many participants in addressing water issues.

Interestingly, water from nearby villages and towns of Pondicherry have been collected as a symbol of ‘water unity’ and ‘sustainable usage’

Mr. Raghunath, Member of the Pondicherry Science Forum has taken lead in many programs of this festival and it was a grand success.


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