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23 Mar / 2016Program by:
Featured: BaluLanguage: English

All invited to a 1st Anniversary!

Thursday 24th March at 4.30pm,The Sustainable Livelihood Institute (SLI) will complete its first year of activity! It has been a year of efforts, adventure and significant achievements in bringing sustainable approaches to living to many quarters in Tamil Nadu (as well as an ongoing collaboration with Odisha). And it is great to see this important bridge between Auroville and Tamil Nadu coming to life!
We are featuring short interview with Balu and Pavithrai who are working with SLI, and have witnessed in past year quite some changes in their life, community, neighborhood. Parvathi and Balu are warmly inviting all of us to tomorrow’s 1st year birthday celebration at SLI in Kotakkarai starting at 4.30pm.