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Positive energy pumped up by the beat of the music, strongly present but not aggressive, quite opposite is rapping for peace. And what a group of people with positive attitude can do in a few days with such an input of energy was shown at the ALL IS ONE performance at Visitors’ Centre last night. EachOneTeachOne, a peace program founded by Anne Schmeckis (yearly visitor for the last 7 years) in close cooperation with Mohanam Sound Crew and Auroville Institute of Applied Technology, the event was sponsored by the German Pavilion.

Nothing is better to connect people than through music, dance and art.


Each One Teach One = Peace Programme from Germany

for many years traveling every year to 3 diff. countries ( India, South Africa and Italy)

Founder and core member is Anne Schmeckies a UNESCO-coordinator and senior
teacher at an UNESCO-school in Germany and coming for years to AUROVILLE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED TECHNOLOGY for a get together and to perform with the students.


Nico Vogelsang, started Bboying in 1994. Winning national and international competitions he was able to work through his art with the violence prevention program. Living for 2 years in New York, he was able to study the roots of his dance and passes his knowledge of
history, technics and foundations on to the new and upcoming
generation in Germany. Nico studied motion design and got in touch with the organizer of the Breakdance World Championship.

Danny Giang. B-Boy of K.-O.-TixX Crew (Breakdance).
He is studying sinology and international economy.

Jerome Vazhayil is a germanbased musician and artist with indian roots.
He was born in Kerala, India and represents the second generation of Indians living in Germany.
Influenced by indian music and performing on stage with Bharat Nathyam for seven years, he developed interest in music and rapping.
He gathered experience in the music industry with his German HipHop Band Tengu in 2000 for couple of years, before he started Sola Plexus, consisting of him and
drummmer/producer Sebastian.

Sola Plexus is part of the studio and artist collective Tengu Basement also consisting of the project Danja Atari and the band Susanne Blech. Besides producing in the studio and working on records he also performs as a host and Rave MC on parties.

Sun-Ha, born in Korea, lives in Dortmund, Germany and started dancing in 2002. As a founding member of his main crew Master Plan he received titles at competitions around Europe. He is teaching at schools and theatre projects and touring with a band.
Currently he is about to graduate from University in modern history and religion science.

The trumpet player Fidelis Hentze, studied Jazz at Univesity of Arts in Berlin, played tours and festivals in France, Russia, Italy, Croatia, Denmark and Germany and works as a freelance musician and music teacher in Berlin.

and is working her in India with the

Mohanam Sound Crew
which started in2005
The performers are : Anand, Prakash, Anandpaskar, Madu, Susey, Rajesh Sivakumar, Murugan, Balu.
All of them are from Puducherry – Sanjeevnagar

and you will see on stage the students from Auroville Institut of Applied Technology