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22 Jul / 2010Program by:

Allo allo, Mr l`ordinateur…

Kolam Computer Training Center c’est le nouveau centre d’apprentissage en informatique que Uriel vient de lancer il y a quelques semaines. La-bas il donne des cours d’informatiques plusieurs coles d’Auroville et aux enfants des villages tamouls environnant. Il propose aussi des classes pour snior et un enseignement professionnalisant sur la cration 3D, l’animation et le montage vido/audio. Il nous a reu aujourd’hui avec Pierre dans sa classe.

KOLAM Computer Training center The center is located in New Creation,
Students from surrounding schools and AV area are invited to learn about:
Basic computer and Office Graphic’ and Web Design Video editing and Visual FX 3D animation and Compositing

You can come and visit each saturday at 3pm ! See you soon…

Students from 10/15 and 15+ Registration opened from April for 2010/2011 year courses!!
Remember: the center will be reserved for the Film Making workshop for AVschools from August until October 2010.

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