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Almost the End of the Season

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As the temperatures rising the activities slow down. For this week at the moment are no cultural events scheduled but other activities are keep going on. At freeland Bookstore we can get Satprem’s Notebooks of an Apocalypse volumes 3, 4 and 5 which have been translated into English.

Land Board informs us that Cashew, Mango and Tamarind harvest is ready for lease. Interested Aurovilians may contact Stephanraj, Land Board Office, Town Hall, 2622657. Last Date for FULL payment is 30 Mar 16. Thereafter plots will be offered for public auction on 8 Apr 16.

National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, is now offering online design course. features self-directed, online design education classes taught by distinguished NID faculty.

A new consciousness is coming based upon inner silence and quietude. You must wait quietly for that to develop.
True knowledge, true perceptions of people and things will come in that new silent consciousness.
/Sri Aurobindo/
ref. Letters On Yoga

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