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10 Sep / 2018Program by:

An Illustrious Inauguration on an Auspicious Day for the Auro Vidya Retreat

The organ music of Mother and Sunil with a reading from the Savitri played into Ananda Reddy’s announcement to commence the Inauguration for the new building and home of the Auro Vidya Retreat with greetings from Shaddharan, a scholar from Savitri Bhavan.

Ananda Reddy, the Director of the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR) and organizer for the inauguration with his wife, Deepshikha, invited Dr. Karan Singh, Chairman of the Auroville Governing Board, Dr. Prema Mandkumar, member of the Auroville Governing Board, Dr. Mohan, Secretary of the Auroville Foundation and Mr. Carel, member of the Auroville Working Committee to light the lamp, an opening ceremony of auspiciousness, prosperity and abundance.

Ananda spoke about the light of knowledge and the meaning of Auro Vidya followed by the sweet and personal well-wishing from Dr. Karan Singh and Dr. Prema Mandkuma. Mr. Carel and Dr. Sambadananda, a Sanskrit scholar, spoke of the SACAR relationship to Auroville, the Ashram in Pondicherry and now its branch, the Auro Vidya Retreat.

Auro Vidya Retreat (Opposite Healing Centre) Mirambikai Garden, Bommaiyarpalayam Road Landmarks: Between Gaia Garden Guest House & Mango Hill Hotel
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