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Anandi of Argentinia travels

Anandi is making the most of the need for a visa renewal by attending in the book fairs and networking to speak about Auroville during her travels where she would like to travel all the Americas from North to South and back again.
The Guadalajara (Mexico) book fair is her first destination where she will show the books (“Monoso”, a book illustrated by Auroville children and “The Eternity Game” by Medhananda.
She is ready to go North (anywhere people are interested or willing to do some Auroville activities and working with kids, teachers and parents, as she visits Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay and finally Argentina.
In and to coming back to Guadalajara (Mexico) in May, where she is invited to an Universal Encounter.
“I have a little pension that in most of the Countries is not going to be sufficient, any help is most welcome- My Pour Tous ccount number is 251314 Anandi Fernandez Elba. You can contact me by email; 
Thanks a lot for the company… Get ready. Gracias.  In Her Love “

Musical fragments artist Luciano Carrasco Valverde & Carlos Colavolpe, Album: Samba Nunca Demais

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