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22 Jan / 2019Program by:
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Anveshan or River Journey, Experiences of AV Youth

Many attended a presentation Anveshan, on Friday 4th of January at Multi Media Centre , where they heard the story of three river journeys, and more about the Anvsehan, and a gap year program Anubhava. The program aims to offer an alternative, and maybe a truer explorative learning through experiences.

Anveshan is an Auroville unite that strives to inform, inspire & impart integral learning & leadership, where mind, body and soul are aligned to create harmony with all life by engaging with the children, youth & adult (urban and rural) for creating a sustainable & equitable world by
sourcing their inner wisdom and by design sustainable experiential learning courses for self-development and leadership development among the children, youth and adult of the world based on inner wisdom.
The Program
Who is it for?
Anyone between the age 16 – 25. There is no prior degree or diploma required.
How long?
11 months.
What can I learn there?
Anything! The world is your classroom! You can choose to pursue any field, it can be the arts, Social sciences, agriculture, education, healing, sciences or technology. There is also a lot of scope for interdisciplinary studies.
Anubhava is rooted in a pedagogy that draws its values from two models of learning and transformation: Conscious Full Spectrum & Experiential Learning. The purpose of these frameworks is to fuel and ignite the inner wisdom of an explorer through enriching experiences and to bring a paradigm shift in the process of education.
The Conscious Full-Spectrum Response, a brainchild of Dr Monica Sharma, is a novel and unique approach based on extensive experience in application of various methods to measure results that reflect
people’s’ development worldwide. This meta-frame is designed simultaneously in time, to solve problems, measure results, rectify systems that breed these problems, and create better patterns based on the individuals’ inner capacity and Transformational leadership. This method plays a vital role in redefining the holistic development of our inner and outer worlds, as individuals and as a community to reach the zenith of human capabilities and to address the challenges we face.
Experiential Learning
Learning by doing is a
well-known model in education. Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory (Kolb, 1984) defines experiential learning as “the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Knowledge results from the combination of grasping and transforming experience.
The theory presents a cycle of four elements:
Concrete Experience
Reflective Observation
Abstract Conceptualization
Active Experimentation
Who will teach me?
It is a Self Designed Learning program,
i.e you get to design your own curriculum with the help of our facilitators. You will learn by doing, we have a list of mentors and mentor organizations that you can choose from based on your interest or approach someone you really want to learn from with our help.