Photographer:Vida | architect Shailaja Sudhalkar Bhati
18 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: ShailajaLanguage: English

Architecture Belongs to Society

At the occasion of receiving Global Architecture and Design Awards for the Nandanam Kindergarten , designed by the PATH team we managed to “steal” some minutes of Shailaja extremely busy schedule to talk about it, and life in Auroville. The award was chosen among 748 entries for the design on category of built institute, and shows the recognition of their work outside the Auroville.
With Shailaja we talked about the reality of work of architects here, and she mentioned that architecture belongs to the society, not to a person or a certain age. Architecture tackle the issues of the society at present, yet it should remain flexible to stretch over the time with its functionality and purpose. Her constant inspiration is life here in Auroville, where each goes through transformational yoga….