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24 Apr / 2011Program by:

Art Bridge

Each One Teach One is a frequent visitor in Auroville and its bio-region. Past Sunday they gave performance at Auroville Institute of Applied Technology along with its students, Mohanam Cultural Center children and Lively Project. That was also an opportunity to see what AIAT have done throughout the year, and on what are they focused. We recorded some live music with Mohanam Sound Crew and DJ Phax Mulder, and a story on ecological awareness with artists and dancer from Europe with Mohanam Kinder-garden children.

EOTO provides these children with an education in hygiene, social skills, basic math, English and science. This organization stresses the importance of art, exercise and technology as they give lessons in dancing, sewing and computer classes which the children use as an interactive teaching aid and a new medium for playing games. The right to an education and the possibility of learning