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29 Jan / 2021Program by:

Audible Weed Walk – ep.27 “Feeling and singing the blues..”

We have had unusual rains this year. Records show that Tamil Nadu has received 138mm or rain in January 2021. The only time it was slightly more rained in – in January was in 1921, yes 100yrs ago. It seems we are in for a phenomenally wet February.. Hence as I was easing my way to eating and recommending eating greens – bitters first, creepers next, and then the salad.. I am again slowed in the process by this rain. Feeling the blues.. and my song of the week – “RAIN RAIN GO AWAY, BEES AND BUTTERFLIES WANTS TO PLAY — And WE HAD ENOUGH FOR THE DAY”. Talking about blues.. read an article recently which talks about our fascination with the color blue which happens to be the rarest in nature – and owes its existence to the vision of the bees. Let’s explore that.. blues and the bees.