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01 Aug / 2020Program by:

Audible Weed Walk – ep.3

We meet up for an audible experience about weeds growing around us. I share my journey to and among the weeds, and the wonderful enthusiasm that is building around it.

Here we will upon serious issues like climate change preparedness, what to avoid eating, but also the best recipe someone shares! Most importantly I hope we engage on air – with stories, facts, information, and sharing about weeds.

True, we cannot connect real time – but I would love feedback at

Have you ever thought about the abundant weeds growing in your backyard and if they exist for a reason? As I explored the incredibly pretty flowers, lush green leaves with the first sprinkle of rain – I started discovering them, knowing their names, their characters, personalities… and I was floored. What started as a meagre exercise as an ecologist – became an amazing treasure trove of information.

Another world, a natural world, waiting for us just in our backyards, and sometimes even sneaking in our flowerpots! When you find something as awesome as this – you must share. Share far and wide, exchange notes, stories, recipes and all that. I found that coloring books for adults – a concept unheard of in India then as my approach. Nothing can go wrong with an experiential book – one would love to hold, to turn the pages, to color and relax and like magic the essential information infuses you. For those who wanted to take it further, there is a colored insert in the book – to take along your walk, identify, know, and revel. But of course, the learning becomes easier and faster when it is shared among the kindred spirits. So, along came our weed-walks. What a journey it has been to share with people, to exchange notes, to stand corrected, to learn – to experiment and to eat. We will bring some stories about this journey and then next steps – in this weekly podcast. The edible weed coloring book is now out of print – plus, there are two more to publish.

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Artwork by Nina.