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26 Mar / 2021Program by:

Audible Weed Walk – ep.34 “Holi: color, connections, and cuisine”

Vernal equinox was on 21 March – which is close to the first full moon of the spring on Sunday. The world had celebrates these solar and lunar phenomenon – e.g. Nauroz celebrated by the Parsis, Bahai, and Iranians, Shunbun no hi in Japan, and ancient festival of feathered serpent god in Mexico and elsewhere. We in India – celebrate the festivals of color – Holi, Dol, etc. They date back to 300BC or even earlier. Stories linked to each festival of color may be slightly different but each is a festival of spring, of renewal, of love and understanding. Looking at them and the stories from across the world, I feel connected. No, Bhang – made with the weed extract – is not the only weedy, wild food one needs to have during the festival, and through the change in season.


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