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Audible Weed Walk – ep.42 “No need for GM”

No need for GM: Let’s take a look at the wild uncultivated weeds afresh: I came across a talk about GM Golden rice. You know the one that is fortified with Vitamin A. People have mixed feelings about it thinking well, Vitamin A really might help a lot of people. Turns out that it contains only 33 micrograms of Vitamin A/100 grams of rice, while a human needs 600-1000 micrograms per day. Well that will need a lot of rice. Dr. Debal Deb an eminent scientist working with indigenous rice varieties pointed out that Ipomea aquatica or water-spinach, and Taro or Arbi – both contain several nutrients, and contains a lot more Vitamin A than the Golden Rice. Moreover, they are low tech, and will take little or no extra effort or resources. Such is the power of wild, uncultivated greens! The podcast focuses on one plant, Adhatoda (Justicia adhatoda) listed as one of the 15 plants in Kaba sura kudineer. It is edible, and find a simple recipe you can try out.


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