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Audible Weed Walk – ep.44 “Rewinding: The green social and cultural security”

World Environment Day declared by the UN is celebrated on 5th June. This year’s theme is eco-restoration. People think about ecorestoration or rewilding in different ways. In this podcast I will talk about the broad approaches. Wild, weedy, uncultivated greens especially as food play a significant role at all times, including at the time of crises now or in the past. Studies show that 60-70% of the people in the developing world depend on wild weedy plants for food. In the South Asian countries , it seems, rural people consume uncultivated food for about a quarter of the year, which is huge! For its role in food security and as a means to abate the negative impacts of climate change, ecological conservation and restorations that includes promotion of uncultivated plants to allow people to adapt and build resilience is essential.