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29 Jun / 2021Program by:

Audible Weed Walk – ep.47 “Culinary confidence w/ weedy greens Part 1: the precursors”

I was asked to speak about building ‘culinary confidence’ in cooking wild greens at a recent webinar. How can one confidently incorporate wild uncultivated greens (back) in our diet?  Am I identifying the greens correctly? Will I be in trouble if I eat? How much to eat, when, how to cook – all these are pertinent questions. I will try to address them in two parts as a practical guide with examples. This podcast is a precursor to actually cooking with the wild greens. It is, you can say the marination time; how to get prepared to cook with the wild greens. In the next podcast I will address how to pre-process and cook. So, listen up on how to get ready, and while you are at it catch some ideas for making herbal teas.