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Audible Weed Walk – ep.54 “Edible weeds we can carry in their own basket or make a rakhee”

Raksha bandhan festival is on the 22nd. Rakhi, a talisman is tied. Most prevalent traditional practice is when a sister ties rakhee to a brother. But it is also exchanged as a mark of friendship, a practice initiated by Rabindranath Tagore who invited people to tie rakhee to people of different religions as a mark of solidarity and oneness. The trend of conscious buying has led me to several rakhees made with such care that the little rakees become the symbol of one’s values or sustainability and care. Can rakhee be made with edible wild plants? I wondered. Some of the edible plants are loaded with nutrition and micro-nutrients and in addition they can surely be made into rakhees. Some can be woven into baskets. So, we can actually collect the leaves in a basket woven by the weedy plant – and from time to time use the cordage for making something like rakhee. I will have to try them out.